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Renting In France

Short-term holiday rentals

Is Sunlight Properties, holiday home rental management, right for you?

Holiday rentals are a smart choice for any owner, who clearly never has enough time to use their retreat in the sun as often as they would like! Let us sing the ways…

- Your home is regularly looked after, checked up on, and lovingly cared for on a daily basis.

- You can use it for yourself, family, friends, and colleagues as often as you like

- Make easy extra income that sets off all those regular costs and taxes--whether used or not!

- French law is notoriously hard on landlords. A short-term holiday rental, fully- furnished, eliminates the risk of non-paying renters squatting in your home for years at a time.

- Sunlight Properties is unique in that we offer highly personalized service, in tune with each owner’s needs--whether it is an investment property or your personal home.

What happens next?

Whether you have owned your home for years or just buying it fresh off the market, you can choose how involved in the process you want to be. Leave us with the keys and we hand it back to you ready to let. Or, be more involved in the process and let us know when and where we need to be for deliveries or pickups and we’ll put it together for you.

First step is prepping!

Preparing your apartment for Holiday Lets is slightly different than long term or for personal use. There is the marketing, wear and tear of furnishings, and stocking supplies to consider.


To market your property correctly, there are three key elements that need to be addressed: interior design, staging, and professional photography. It is important to create a memorable experience for your guests, since they are on holiday and want to feel special--because holidays ARE special. It’s the rare moments in our lives when we expect to be pampered and why shouldn’t we be!! Sunlight Properties helps make your place the ‘perfect’ place, for you and your guests. From renovation to interior design and simple freshen-ups, we will walk you through the details tailored to your desires.

Furnishing for wear and tear

You may already come to us with a renovated and furnished property--no problem! We will do a walk-through with you and create a quick list of last minute details to protect your precious belongings. Simple, but effective, techniques will ensure your property stays spanking new through years of hosting your globetrotting guests.

Stocking Supplies

Last but not least, we have a detailed list of the daily necessities to get you up and running. From bed linens to egg cups, we’ve got it covered.

Second step is going live…

Getting into the nitty gritty (our favorite part) is making it all happen! Advertising, enquiries, and booking guest stays are all essential ingredients to a successful end of the year return on investment.


World-wide advertising is essential. We manage advertising on several world-wide sites for you at no extra cost. We deal with all the admin, all the enquiries, all the BS (oops!) that comes along when working with foreign companies. But we love it--really!! We have to, so you don’t. Along with our site and the dozen partner sites we work with currently, Sunlight Properties ensures that you are at the top of the listings in the holiday rental sector. We analyze and find the most highly rated sites for each market, US, UK, Italy, Germany… If you are looking for an extraordinary advantage, we also offer a Premium Hyper Marketing package as well.

Enquiries & Bookings

We deal with all the calls, emails, and 101 million questions from each guest personally, no matter where they are in the world. Viewings? No problem. Regulars? We’ve got plenty. Once booking is finalized, you will see your calendar immediately updated.

Guest arrivals

From here on out your Sunlight Properties Personal Property Agent takes control. All details from arrival to departure are prepared by the agent to make sure both owner and guests have the best experience possible. Happy owners and happy guests make for a happy agent, we always say!

Third step ongoing evaluation…

Sunlight Properties regularly updates owners on any ongoing issues, French paperwork, or feedback from guests that we think may be helpful to your annual final return on investment. Prices and property standards are re-evaluated every year to fall in the soft spot of the current market. We make sure our owners and guests obtain the best of what the market has to offer.


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