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Our Philosophy

Our Core Mantra

Sunlight Properties strives to bring back the values, that mean so much to all of us, back into business, our personal lives and everyone whom we have the opportunity to meet and do business with. In today's world, for the most part, business is all about, sales, profits and the financial bottom line. In the rush for success, business has too quickly forgotten what is important and the long-term impact of it’s choices.

Our priority is to bring integrity, honesty, and the simplicty of caring and giving back to our world community ; the Sunlight experience is a truely, genuine and enjoyable one. One in which every action creates a measurable secondary positive reaction, either towards eco responsibility, community partnerships or enriching the lives of our co-workers, owners and future guests.

« to make a difference, is to BE the difference » This is our Philosophy, to be the difference we want to see in this world; through business, socially, and culturally. The financial bottom line is essential for running any successful business, but we believe it takes more. It takes more, to be extraordinary.

Our Business Philosophy

We do business a whole new way, where values, honesty and co operation meld together to form strong, meaningful and long lasting relationships. This is OUR ‘bottom line’ and we can’t wait to get the chance to show you, along with all the benefits that come with the way we do things.

We aim to finally create and offer a viable measurement of quality, honesty and overall security in the private property holiday rental market sector, which has been unseen to date. We look forward to sharing the Sunlight experience with you and around the world, to cities near and far.

We are forging ahead to create a ‘quality standard’ bar to all the many new large booking facilites being offered today. There seems to be so many to choose from these days. No one knows what to expect, if anyone, or anything, on arrival. We’ve all heard the horror stories!

We aim to change that.
Stay with us and expect the security of knowing who you are staying with and what to expect. Much like staying at your favorite hotel chain, let us be honored to be your favorite private-homes and apartment holiday rental company.

Our Philosophy Makes Us Significantly DIFFERENT

Industry leaders
With the plethora of so many new, hot, ‘up and coming’, bulk property booking sites which offer the most interesting places around the world to stay in-- let us offer you something more….

A promise

A secure and reliable company; fairly priced, high-quality properties fully stocked, impeccably cleaned and with personal charm; ease and comfort from booking to your front door arrival; always considering earth friendly practices by keeping harsh chemicals out of your holiday home. In short, hassle-free, apartment & villa holiday rentals, in the most unique settings of the world.

Our prices make sense

We have all types of properties from one end of the spectrum to the other. But whether its 16,000€ a week or 800€ a week, when you arrive, you will appreciate that the price vs. property and service is balanced and fair. We decide prices on comparison to industry standards, not owners. Our properties are afforadable and offer a bargain when compared to hotels, especially luxury hotels, and even more when travelling with family or in a group. Fair, uncompromised prices, coupled with the knowledge of working with a company who has extensive experience in property and customer service.

Best reputation in the industry

This is our primary goal. We do this by keeping our philosophy close to us « to make a difference, is to BE the difference ». We give you standards you can expect (not wonder about or hope for) when arriving to the front door of your new holiday home. We have created standards of honesty, clean and ethical practices giving you 100% security that you are dealing with professionals and the best in the industry.

We are striving for something different, unique, stable and sure. We ease the idea of ‘blind choice’ to ensure you arrive to your perfect holiday home without any stressful, unwanted ‘surprises’. The rise of the ‘bulk booking sites’ for private-property holiday homes, offer lots of choice. And, they are great for that, but just that. These sites simply can’t offer the security or promises of quality and standards like we can. They can’t even be sure that the property still exists from one month to the other! With their current business models, this simply is not possible. They are great business models for what they do --bringing in enquiries. It’s just not our business model, nor do we want it to be.

We do more than connect the guest to owner, we create memories, unforgettable experiences and lifetime partnerships with our guests and owners. We offer high quality standards across the board.

How exactly do we do this? Let us count the ways:

1. Honest write ups, written by us, not the owner
2. Un-altered professional photos
3. Hotel quality linens & towels
4. Fully stocked properties
5. Impeccably cleaned properties, guaranteed
6. Strict universal training standards from reservations to cleaning to property manangement
7. Transparency througout our books
8. A nod wherever we can to Earth-friendly practices : we engage with environmentally conscious partners; keep owners, guests and properties on top of the newest energy efficient practices; use earth friendly cleaning products.
9. We give back, to our community and future generations. We use our influence for good to help engage, educate and funnel money towards a more sustainable world.

Our service to owners, guests and the world community are unmatched in our business sector.


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51/52 Fitzwilliam square,
Dublin 2,
Dublin Ireland.

Telephone: +353 (0)1 6650463